Photo ProfileI am a communications specialist and digital strategist based in Toronto, Canada. I have an academic background in political science and journalism, but my passion for storytelling has led me to a career in digital marketing.

Over the years, I have worked with several brands, using my skills and expertise to increase their digital footprint. Download my resume here.

I take pride in calling myself a global citizen and I believe it is important to uphold the principles of tolerance and social-responsibility in both my private and professional life.

Writing and Blogging

Writing is my life. For as long as I could remember, I always enjoyed writing. And I have been able to transfer this passion to my professional career. I have written press releases and articles for several non-profits.

For examples of my work, I recommend:

In my spare time, I maintain blogs on Portuguese soccer Futebol Factory and another on film named Film Sight Blog. I have also contributed articles to several soccer websites including Outside of the Boot, The Spectator’s View and PortuGoal.

On Social Media

I understand the enormous influence social media has on our society and how important it is to running a successful business or organization. That said, I believe social media has enormous power to transform lives, for the better.

This is why I decided to use my skills and knowledge to promote non-profits brands on social media. I specialize in designing strategies for social media campaigns. I specialize in reaching the target audience by utilizing the right tools and tactics to broadcast their message across multiple platforms.

My Contact Info

You can reach me via email or on my favorite social platforms Instagram and Twitter. You can also use my contact page if you like.